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A Ford Love Story...

There were two things that first made me fall for the man who would eventually become my husband.  First, he was 6’3” and I could finally wear heals on a date. Second, I loved his Ford step-side truck.  Not being a self proclaimed car person I couldn’t tell you what made this truck so special mechanically. Engine size? Who knows (my husband now informs me that it is the iconic Ford 5.4L V8).  Options/accessories? Beats me. However I can tell you one thing....I LOVED the color. It was in the family of reds but that doesn’t do it justice. It was the perfect red.


That Ford truck, a key part of our early relationship, became a staple of many of our early adventures while dating.  Road trips to Calgary, and camping trips to the mountains are some of our best memories.

***Side note, we did temporarily break up on one of those mountain trips and all I can say is the teepee formation is the only way to start a fire!  

Despite the differences in fire making techniques we kept falling in love and in the fall of 2007 that Ford truck drove us away on the day we were married.  

Ceremony (1215).jpg
Ceremony (1213).jpg

Just over 10 months after our wedding day, that beautiful truck become a new symbol of our ever changing lives when we sadly had to sell it.  A two seater truck was not going to suffice with us welcoming our first son, Jack, into our lives.

One more kid later, countless family camping trips (trailer is pulled by our 2010 Ford F-150) and almost 11 years of marriage I am so thankful for that little red truck.

That brings me to this past weekend where Ford Canada asked if I wanted to drive one of their new trucks for the weekend.  I said yes and was excited to turn the weekend into a date weekend with my husband. Off to Jasper we went! It was such an amazing weekend, filled with laughter, making snowmen, great food and drinks.  

Folding Mountain Brewery Beer.jpg
Folding Mountain Brewery.jpg
SnowDome Latte.jpg
Maligne Lake Snowman.jpg
Maligne Lake.jpg

Like our relationship we have evolved so no tenting this time but instead we stayed at a relaxing hotel. Gone was our beloved red step-side Ford but in its place was a new Ford F-350 FX4 Limited. Mechanically speaking I can still not tell you the engine in the new truck or its plethora of options, although the massage seats in the front were amazing, but I can say there was something comforting about this new truck, maybe a metaphor for our relationship, and that was…

The color.  I still love it and I still love him!

Maligne Lake Ford.jpg
Deanne Ferguson