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Add This To Your Summer Bucket List - Urban Pedal Tours

Last week we got to experience Urban Pedal Tours. I say experience because that is exactly what it was, an experience. I love going out with friends but it seems like we always get stuck on what to do. Organizing a group of people to do anything is hard but choosing a restaurant to all meet at is impossible and then finding a table for everyone is even harder! Urban Pedal tours does all the hard work for you by choosing three local bars to stop at that all have reserved seating for the tour but the best part is how you get from place to place. 

This is #thebiggreenbeerbike. It is a bike that can hold 15 passengers and is powered by you! A guide takes you to through the city (yes you drive right on the road!) stopping at each unique taproom or breweries for a delicious locally made beer or cocktail. I had never been to any of the places which was perfect because it allowed me to check out something new! The night we went we stopped at: 

The Empress: A smaller bar further East on Whyte with a great patio for people watching and cheap beer. I will definitely be back here this summer. 

Malt & Morter: Centrally located on Whyte this place was beautiful inside and they made the most delicious Green Tea, Ginger, Mint Mojito. No picture for this one because apparently I was too busy getting my Mojito! 

Situation Brewing: Just off Whyte Ave, Situation Brewing makes their own beer right at the restaurant and all of their staff were very knowledgeable. I gave them an idea of the type of beer I liked and they recommended the perfect beer to end the tour.

Pedaling down Whyte Ave with a group of friends singing and dancing (yes you can jump in the middle and dance if you are tired of pedaling) was such a great way to spend the evening. Matt, the one who was steering while we serenaded pedestrians, was great at not rushing us along to the next stop and kept us laughing during the tour.

Insiders Tip: Matt says sit near the front if you go because it is less work the closer you are to the front. 

Wear comfy shoes and ladies keep the dresses at home because you do actually have to pedal to make it go especially at red lights with cars behind you. It is $38 per person for a two hour tour and you do have to pay for your own drinks at each stop. You can either book the whole bike or sign up for individual seats and make some friends! We loved it so much we booked again the evening we went to do a Downtown Tour in August!