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I Buy Boxed Cake Mix And Have Zero Mom Guilt About It

Today I needed to make a cake. A couple years ago I would have brought out the mixer, ingredients, gotten the kids involved, washed dishes by hand, dried them, and would have put them away while the cake was baking in the oven. I probably would have swept my floor and given the cabinets a wipe too. 

That won't happen today and I have zero guilt about it. 

I worked this morning, had a meeting, did school pick-up, made lunch for the 5yr old, got groceries, picked up cloth for an upcoming event, and I still have to make supper, answer more emails, take the kids to swimming lessons, and pack school lunches for tomorrow. I also want time to read with the kids, maybe build some Lego, and of course it is Monday so I want to enjoy Cocktail Monday with my husband. 

A few months ago I would have felt guilt and like I cheated by not making the cake from scratch. I am a stay at home mom I should be doing those things right? 


I am learning that some days are homemade cakes and aprons with a spotless house and other days are McDonald drive-thru's and cake mixes. Sometimes both types of days happen within a week and sometimes the mixer has a thick coat of dust because it hasn't been used for so long and I am OK with that because I am finally realizing that I am a better mom and wife when I am not worried about small stuff like where the cake came from.  

cake mixes.jpg

*** This post was not sponsored by Betty Crocker. They just make the best cake mixes in my opinion and have the least amount of ingredients that you have to add making it even easier. Full disclosure - Even when making cakes from scratch I still buy the icing from the store because it is always better than the one I try to make so why mess with what works right?***