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Community Recreation Network & Gathering

This Saturday, April 22nd the City of Edmonton is hosting "Community Recreation & Network Gathering" at Edmonton Valley Zoo. Organizations such as FunTeam Alberta and many others will be there as exhibitors to share information about recreation to the North West Community of Edmonton.

The event is free and family-friendly. Registration is necessary as guests attending will get free access to Edmonton Valley Zoo. Kids are able to do free guided tours with hands-on opportunities to meet the animals! (please note kids 5 and under are required to have an adult with them for these tours)

The event is separated into two parts:

-Community Recreation Gathering where discussion is encouraged, regarding different topics in the community.

-Community-focused recreation exhibition. This part will include different associations that will have booths sharing information and providing demonstrations on how participants can enrich their next community event or program.

You can register here through Eventbrite.

Deanne Ferguson