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Your New St. Albert Centre

New entrance to St. Albert Centre

This morning I got a tour of the new St. Albert Centre redevelopment. It is beautiful. As soon as you walk through the new entrance it feels light, spacious and modern. The hallways are wide and they put in huge skylights letting in so much natural light. Even on a cloudy day like it was today it made a huge difference to the feel of the mall and those light fixtures they chose are gorgeous! 

New lights.jpg

The newly redeveloped space will have 21 new retailers with 3  being anchor tenants. Marks's will have a mall entrance and Winners has moved into their new space and will be open next week to the public. The rest of the redevelopment to be open by Fall 2017. 

I was excited to see new bathrooms being added along with a Mother's Room as currently there is only the washrooms by the food court. We all kind of nerded out about the taps because they have a hand dryer built right into them! I can't wait to try them out! 

If you are coming to Super Kids at St. Albert Centre next Thursday, March 30th from 9-11am make sure to plan some extra time to spend in the new area! You can also follow the hashtag #yournewstalbertcentre to see updates of the redevelopment.