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This is something new for me. Something a bit intimidating, nerve-wracking, exciting, overwhelming, and fun. When I decided to revamp the old website a bit one of the things I wanted to add was a blog. This will become a spot where I will get event guests to post about activities for kids, a spot for me to write more about the events I do, as well as a space for me to write some more personal posts.

You won't find anything deep or controversial on this blog (feelings are not my favourite thing to talk about) but it will be a place where I get a bit more personal, talk about things I love (cheese, coffee, and craft beer will be talked about lots) and a bit more of the background stuff to the events I plan. 

Please be patient as I continue to update my website. I got kicked out of my high school computer classes for not paying attention and talking too much, before starting my business I still had a flip phone and my husband just rolls his eyes at me whenever I try to get the DVD player to hook up to the TV. (Thank goodness Netflix is around so I can just pass the kids the iPad) I am thankful that my friend Jen who writes a very popular blog (check it out here) sat down with me at a coffee shop and got me started or I would have thrown my computer out the window. Jen notice the link thing you taught me? It worked. First try. Basically an expert web developer now.

So thank you for your patience and I will get all of the events I can added to the calendar as soon as possible. But right now I have one kid asking when supper will be made and the other has decided that my lap is the best place to sing the entire soundtrack of The Lion King. 

~ Deanne 

Deanne Ferguson