Baby Care Center at Heritage Days

Taking little ones to festivals can be a lot of work. It is hard enough to find a porta potty for yourself let alone a bathroom where you can change your baby. And finding a comfortable place to sit and nurse or feed your baby is nearly impossible. It is hot, busy, and it feels like you have to bring so much stuff along just to enjoy the day. That is why I am so excited to be helping Edmonton’s Child Magazine at the Baby Care Center during Heritage Days this weekend! We will be creating a welcoming space for caregivers to feed and change their children. The Kids’ Furniture Gallery has provided comfortable chairs to sit on and London Drugs has graciously donated items such as wipes in case you run out.

We are right by the EIA Kidzworld tent so please stop by and say Hi!

July’s Kids Play and What is Coming Up in August

At this months Kids Play event at Kingsway Mall, we were entertained by Mr. Milo from Wonder Why Entertainment. It was a great show and the kids (and adults!) had fun watching his fast paced and hilarious show. My two year old is still talking about how Mr. Milo drank water from a toilet plunger! He kept the kids interested and involved through out the entire show with his jokes, juggling, and foolishness. A HUGE thank you to Mr. Milo for coming to Kids Play!

In August Edmonton’s Child Magazine will be looking for their new Cover Model! All children over the age of one are welcome to come and get their picture taken by some wonderful local photographers. The photo is your entry for the contest and the winner will win a shoot with the photographer and will be featured on an upcoming issue of the magazine!

Please note that we will only be taking pictures on August 27th from 9-11am which is the regular Kids Play hours. If you would like to enter your child please make sure to come within that time. Born to Create will also be there with some non-messy sensory bins to keep the kids busy if they have to wait a bit.

Thank you to Smiley Eyes Photography, Pinkstar Photography Inc, Hidden JEM Photography, and Raimondi Photography who will be our photographers that day! 

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Odysseo by Cavalia

This afternoon I got to attend the Media Preview of Odysseo by Cavalia with the Edmonton’s Child Magazine team. It. Was. Amazing.

If you haven’t driven by the tents set up on Fort Road and Yellowhead trail you must. The tent is over 125 feet tall and spans 120,000 square feet. It takes 20 trucks to transport the tent! We have been driving by the tent for a few weeks now watching the progress. My 6-year-old has been fascinated by the process so actually going inside the tent today was a HUGE deal for him. I did not to bring my two-year old to the show and it was probably for the best that he went and got ice cream with Grandpa instead. Even the preview show would have been too long for him to sit through.

Between the acrobatics, music (which is all live!), and of course the horses, my 6-year-old was completely entertained. It is a two hour show though so unless your child LOVES horses and can sit for a long time I would leave the kids at home and have a date night or just bring the older kids. There is an intermission half way through and a full concession stand which would buy you a bit more time if you have to bring the younger kids.

Overall I highly recommend this show and I can’t wait to see the full one. They have added a whole extra week and will be in Edmonton until August 3rd! You can buy tickets online or go to their Box Office at the tent site.

Thank you Edmonton’s Child for allowing me to attend!

May and June Kids Play Events at Kingsway Mall

Since we live in Edmonton, the place of eternal winter, I NEED to have a whole list of things to do in and around the City to keep the kids busy. One of my favourite places to take the kids is the Royal Alberta Museum. My boys love walking through each area but lately their favourite has been the Natural History Gallery because that is where the Bug Room is. They love that there are so many colours, sizes, and types to look at. That is why I am very excited to announce that Peter Heule, BSc., who oversees the live cultures at the Museum including the bugs, will be at Kingsway Mall on May 28th for Kids Play. He will be doing a short presentation appropriate for all ages about bugs. There will also be a craft area where your little one can go through a complete metamorphosis and become a bug!

See you there!

*Coming to Kingsway Mall’s Kids play Event in June… Telus World Of Science! BLAST OFF! This program is out of this world! In this hands-on program your children will explore the planets, the stars and the cosmos with our exciting and interactive space stations.

Box Play at Kingsway Mall

Box Play with Play Around The World at Kingsway Mall

You know the story: It is a Child’s Birthday and instead of being excited about all the new toys they just want to play with the boxes, paper, and ribbon the toy came wrapped in! At the next Kids Play event that is what we are going to do. Play with BIG cardboard boxes!

I am very excited that the group “Play Around the World” has agreed to attend this Kids Play event. So what exactly do they do?

“ Play Around the World (PAW) is a service learning course offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the U of A.  The program selects and prepares U of A students for a 3 month placement in either Asia (Cambodia or Thailand) or Canada (Fort Providence, Northwest Territories).  PAW offers students an opportunity to develop a sense of global awareness and citizenry, through collaboration with various schools, orphanages, community based organizations and government agencies to deliver, play, recreation, physical activity and sport to children and youth of all abilities. Play is viewed as a vehicle to enliven the human spirit and to promote optimal development. Students broaden their world view as they live, learn, and work in a culture different from their own.”

My brother was one of the students that went to Cambodia, Thailand and also up to the Northwest Territories. Because of the passion he shows towards play based activities, especially for young children, I have changed the way I parent my own kids. (I really hope he doesn’t read this. His ego is already quite large…) As a parent I want my kids to be bored. I want their imaginations to have a chance to go crazy. I want them to play. No one telling them the rules and the right way to do something. Just play.

So on April 30th from 9-11am bring the kids to Kingsway Mall to PLAY with boxes!

If you would like to learn more about PAW please visit their website:


This photo was taken right after all the kids left. Creative play at its best!

This photo was taken right after all the kids left. Creative play at its best!

Upcoming Events for Box Social Event Planning

First of all HI! I finally have a website! I have been very slow to get this up and going but it has finally happened! A HUGE thank you to Timmie who has helped me out with creating this website. Seriously this woman is amazing! Not only did she make me this website she is an AWESOME Mom, Zumba & Yoga Instructor, has started a new business (Sassy Wellness)  and is the St. Albert Modern Mama director. She truly is amazing! If you are looking to get a website or need help updating an existing one please contact her. She is AWESOME!

In case we have not met in person let me introduce myself. My name is Deanne and I am the owner of Box Social Event Planning. I love helping my clients create the perfect party and I especially love planning events for kids. Most of the events I do are at local Edmonton Child Friendly Coffee shops and Play areas. I am the Coordinator for the Kids Play Events at Kingsway Mall (more about that soon!) and I am co-organizing Kinderland Market, a mix of an “I’ve Outgrown It Sale” and trade show.

April and May are looking to be the busiest months yet and I am so EXCITED! I have two Superhero Parties and a Woodland/Princess party booked at Java Mama in St. Albert. At the next Kids Play Event at Kingsway Mall we will be creating, building and decorating with HUGE cardboard boxes. Students from the UofA “Play Around the World” program will be coming to help the kids build and create. Plus Kinderland Market will be on May 3rd at Servus Place in St. Albert and will be a fantastic place for you to purchase gently used kids items as well as see some awesome local businesses!

I also have a few more things in the works that I will be announcing soon!